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AAPPL Measure FAQs

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What is AAPPL Measure?

What is assessed in AAPPL Measure?

How are AAPPL tasks designed?

What languages are assessed in AAPPL Measure?

What grade levels are appropriate for AAPPL Measure?

How many tasks are there in an AAPPL Measure test form?

Scores and Reports

How are AAPPL tasks rated?

How are AAPPL Measure scores reported?

How might I use AAPPL scores?

How is score reporting data accessed?

What information do test takers receive?

What reports are available for instructors and/or districts?

What is the average delivery time for results?


How are tests ordered?

How long in advance must I establish my LTI/ACTFL Testing account?

What is the cost of AAPPL Measure?

When will I receive an invoice?

How do I know which form to select for my students?


Where do my students go to login and take the test?

When is AAPPL Measure administered?

How long is AAPPL Measure?

In what order are the AAPPL components delivered?

What test security measures are in place?

Does AAPPL have to be proctored?

What if my students have a problem during testing?


What technology is required to administer AAPPL Measure?

How can I be sure my Internet speed is fast enough to deliver AAPPL simultaneously to all the students in my classes?

What if my computer does not meet the requirements of the AAPPL Measure System Check?

What keyboard setup is required to administer AAPPL Measure?


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