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AAPPL Development Requests

The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) strives to make its assessments as accessible as possible for learners and educators of world languages. If you would like to request that the AAPPL be developed in a particular language, please complete the this form.

ACTFL’s deadline for submissions is May 11, 2018 after which ACTFL’s Center for Assessment, Research and Development will convene a review committee to select languages for the 2019 development cycle.

ACTFL takes a data driven approach to its selection process when determining the languages in which assessments are developed. In narrative format, explain your rationale for requesting your specified language.  In addition, what data can you reference in support of your request?  (e.g. national/state figures on enrollments in language courses, national data on heritage learners) 

If there are additional factors that should be considered, please note them here in narrative format. (e.g. Seal of Biliteracy, Indigenous Language Revitalization/Preservation, etc.)

If there is any other pertinent information that you would like to share, please include it below.