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AAPPL Conversation Builder


Practice makes proficient

ACTFL presents a web-based tool for teachers that provides language learners extended listening/speaking practice opportunities as an excellent preparation for the ACTFL Assessment of Performance Towards Proficiency in Languages, AAPPL. The AAPPL Conversation Builder is designed to be complementary to your lesson plans and curriculum. Teachers choose the subject matter, language, and targeted level that best fits their students’ needs and produce (or search for) original tasks.

Interpersonal Communication Practice

AAPPL Conversation Builder was developed to give students more opportunity for a one-on-one conversation on subjects that align with your instruction. The AAPPL assessment of interpersonal performance (i.e. conversation) simulates a video chat.  Students see a video of the person with whom they are speaking.  That person leads the conversation by prompting students to respond and the students’ responses are recorded for later evaluation.  Conversation Builder works very similarly and you are in control.

Create an Account

To log in, you will use as your ACTFL Online account.

  • For your password, you will use the same password you use to log into ACTFL Online.
    • If you are not sure of your password, go to, click on “Login” on the very top bar (orange), click “Forgot Password”, and then fill in your email address -- you will then receive an email leading you to the site where you can create a new password.
    • If you don't have an ACTFL Online account, please register with ACTFL at and create username and login credentials. There is no cost to do this.
  • When completing your profile, be sure to list yourself as “Teacher.”  This will enable you to form classrooms of students, assign tasks, and provide feedback.
  • Students create a "Basic" or "Learner" accounts, to create a student account, have your students:
    • Go to the AAPPL Conversation Builder website,
    • Click on the "Get a New Account" button.
    • Click on the "Basic" or "Learner", Note: Do not create a "Learner" account if the students have school-provided email addresses that do not allow receipt of external email messages. Instead, create a "Basic" account.
    • Complete the account registration information and click on the "Create" button.

More Information

See the online tutorials to learn how to use the AAPPL Conversation Builder.

You may also be interested in ACTFL professional development, some of which focuses on using AAPPL Conversation Builder in a proficiency-focused classroom.  More information is available at


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