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Our department prepares teacher candidates in several languages. Do we have to prepare a report for each language or write one report that includes all languages?

Before we submit our official program report to CAEP, are we permitted to send a draft to ACTFL in order to obtain unofficial feedback on it before it is officially sent out for review?

The new standards require teacher candidates to demonstrate oral proficiency at the "Advanced-Low" level. What can an Advanced-Low speaker do in the foreign language?

Why is the proposed exit level of oral proficiency required of teacher candidates set at "Advanced-Low"? Our institution does not feel that we can prepare candidates to reach that level-"Intermediate-High" is a more realistic level to demonstrate.

What can teacher preparation programs do to help their teacher candidates reach the "Advanced-Low" level of oral proficiency?

How can we implement an OPI requirement at my institution?

Can we use the SOPI instead of the OPI to verify the exit oral proficiency level of our candidates?

Assessment #1 on the Program Report Template asks for data from licensure tests or professional examinations of content knowledge. My state recently switched from PRAXIS to the OPI. If I present the data for the OPI in this assessment, what do I present for Assessment #6, which requires data from the OPI?

How do institutions receive the OPI ratings back for their teacher candidates so that they may confirm whether they've reached the Advanced Low level?

How much data do we need for our Program Report?

What does the term "dispositions" mean and how can they be assessed?

Since our foreign language teacher preparation program is housed in the College of Education, we have no control over the types of language experiences that our teacher candidates receive, nor do we have candidate evidence that deals with their content area knowledge and skills. How can we be expected to include this evidence in the report and how can we enforce any type of proficiency requirement?

Do the standards stipulate that programs offer specific courses and/or that their faculty have specific qualifications?