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Invite State Legislators and U.S. Congressmen to Visit Your Program

TIP: Have your students write invitations to visit your world language classes—and be sure to include their names and pictures! Try to time it for when you know the U.S. Congress will not be in session and your Congressional representative will be looking for opportunities to appear in the district. Members often prefer that the invitations be sent to the local office. If you hand-deliver the invitations, you will get to meet the local staff person. This can be an advantage for when the staff person relays messages to the legislator. If you cannot hand-deliver the invitations, send them and follow-up with a phone call. Or if someone is representing your state language association in Washington, DC, at the JNCL-NCLIS Delegate Assembly in May, send the student invitations so the state delegate can hand-deliver them. This is a wonderful photo opportunity and carries a lot of great PR! State legislators will also appreciate invitations to visit language classes in their respective districts. Finally, if you are planning something special for Discover Languages Month in February, this can be a great time to invite policymakers to learn about what is happening in language learning in the district.