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Get on the Agendas of State Decision-Makers

TIP: A month or two before your state legislative session begins, contact the capitol and find out if there will be an opportunity to do a presentation on language education. You may want to directly contact the chair of the senate education committee and the chair of the house education committee.

Contact the state board of education member who represents you. Tell this member about world language education and inform him or her that language educators in your state would appreciate if he or she would serve as an informal liaison with the language teaching profession. If this board member does not agree to fill this role, ask for a recommendation as to who could serve in this liaison role. It will be important to keep your board member informed even if this board member chooses not to serve as a liaison. Then inquire about how to schedule a brief presentation and when. [Note: State board meetings allow time for public comments.]

If you have a state world language supervisor, inquire about meeting with key people in the state department of education. If the language teachers in your state do not have a world language supervisor, arrange meetings with key people such as the commissioner/superintendent of education.