ACTFL Convention & Expo FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions about Convention

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The goal of the ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo is to provide a comprehensive professional development experience that will have an impact on language educators at all levels of teaching and in turn enable all students to succeed in their language learning process.

Q: How does ACTFL use income from the ACTFL Convention & Expo?

A: ACTFL is a non-profit organization; net income from dues, business activities, and events like the Convention is reinvested directly into the organization to support teachers of all languages. ACTFL exists solely to support language educators and advance language education.

Q: How does ACTFL determine registration rates for the Convention?

A: Registration rates for the Convention do not correlate to direct costs. ACTFL’s rates have increased at a slower pace than the increase in our direct costs to put on the Convention. ACTFL has worked very hard to keep the Convention registration rates as low as possible for attendees and presenters, despite rising production costs. Registration revenue does not cover the cost of attendance, and exhibitor revenue supplements registration to enable ACTFL to put on the Convention. Additionally, inflation in the economy has increased costs to put on the Convention, but ACTFL has not raised rates in line with the rate of inflation; again, in order to keep pricing as low as possible.

Q: How does the cost of the Convention compare to other comparable events?

A: The ACTFL Convention is one of the lowest priced, compared to other national/international conferences for teachers our size:

Registration Rates of Comparable Conferences for 2024

TESOL - $395
CABE - $625
NABE - $695
ATDLE - $595
AERA - $300
ASCD - $585
NAFSA - $225
NCTE - $435
NCTM - $379
NSTA - $375

Q: Why can’t presenters attend the Convention for free?

A: Presenters represent approximately 20 percent of the attendees, which makes free registration for presenters impossible without raising the cost significantly for non-presenting attendees. ACTFL offsets the cost for presenters by offering an ACTFL member presenter discount of $50 off the regular registration rates for those who were accepted to present through the Call for Proposals process.

Q: Why can’t ACTFL move around to smaller, more affordable cities?

A: The options for Convention host cities are limited by several factors, including the meeting rooms and exhibit space needed for a convention for 6,000 to 7,000 attendees and over 250 exhibiting companies. We currently require over 300,000 gross square feet of space for an exhibit hall, 40-50 meeting rooms, and a ballroom to seat 4,000 attendees for our general sessions. In addition, ACTFL passed a resolution in 2020 to not hold this event in states with anti-transgender and homophobic legislation, which also limits the possibilities to a few states.

Q: What is ACTFL doing to make it more accessible for members to attend the Convention?

A: ACTFL and the Language Connects Foundation are proud to offer first-time attendee stipends. In 2022, 2023, and again in 2024, $50,000 has been earmarked for these stipends of $500 each, in addition to a $217 per diem rate to be used for meals over the three days of the 2024 Convention (this rate will change based on the location of ht event). The Convention Committee also developed a list of other Funding Options to share with potential registrants.

Last revised May 24, 2024