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2016 Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Committee charge: The Executive Committee shall have and may exercise, as permitted by law, the Bylaws and the Policy Manual, all of the powers of the Board in the direction and management of the business and affairs of ACTFL during the intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee, however, shall not have the power to fill vacancies in the Executive Committee or to make or amend the Bylaws of ACTFL.

ACTFL Board Members:
Pete Swanson, President, H. Ed (2016-2017)
Jacque Van Houten, Past President, K-12 (2016)
Desa Dawson, President-Elect, K-12 (2016-2018)
Lisa Lilley, Treasurer, K-12 (2016-2018)
Marty Abbott, Executive Director, Ex Officio

Finance Committee

Committee charge: The functions of the Finance Committee are carried out by a Committee chaired by the Treasurer with three committee members, one of whom is the immediate Past Treasurer and the other two selected from among the ACTFL Membership.  This committee’s duties include oversight of the budget, audit, and investments.

ACTFL Board Members:
Lisa Lilley, Treasurer, K-12 (2016)
Todd Bowen, Past Treasurer, K-12 (2016-2018)
ACTFL Members:
Jon Valentine, K-12
Pam Wesely, H. Ed
Marty Abbott, Executive Director, ACTFL Staff
Zerihun Haile-Selassie, Director of Finance, ACTFL Staff

Convention Committee

Committee charge:The functions of the committee include “growing the organization” in terms of convention planning, convention session review, and other issues related to the convention content. The Chair and members of the committee are appointed by the President. Efforts are made to alternate chairs each year between the K-12 and higher education sectors.

ACTFL Board Members:
Juan Carlos Morales, Chair, K-12 (2014-2016)
Bill Anderson, K-12 (2016-2018)
Lisa Lilley, K-12 (2015-2017)
Susann Davis, H. Ed (2016-2018)
ACTFL Members:
Manuela Wagner, H. Ed
Kathyrn Murphy-Judy, H. Ed
Erin Parris-Dallia, K-12
Julia Richardson, ACTFL Staff


Committee charge: This committee is charged with “growing the organization” for issues related to Foreign Language Annals and The Language Educator, all other ACTFL publications, Web site, products and brochures, marketing, public relations/advocacy, and e-newsletters. In addition, it will focus on the mobile world and ACTFL’s role in the virtual space and, in this respect, will collaborate with organizations and in building relationships beyond our field. Duties include membership recruitment and retention programs, membership structure (individuals, organizations, SIGs, etc.), development of diversity in the membership and in the profession as well as ACTFL’s government.

ACTFL Board Members:
Helga Fasciano, Chair, K-12 (2016-2018)
Laurel Derksen, K-12 (2014-2016)
Caroline Kelley, K-12 (2015-2017)
Pete Swanson, H. Ed (2015-2017)
ACTFL Members:
Susan A. Hildebrandt, H. Ed
Catherine Ritz, K-12
Howie Berman, ACTFL Staff


Committee charge: This committee will focus on “growing the organization” by connecting theory to practice and dissemination of that information to the language field.  This group will also connect learning to the appropriate assessment of linguistic and cultural competence using data to inform practice.  Data analysis will be an important component of professional development for ACTFL members.  This committee will also seek to keep ACTFL members, as well as parents, administrators, and the community at large, informed about changes in the field and the most recent research.

ACTFL Board Members:
Ali Moeller, Chair, H. Ed (2014-2016)
Fernando Rubio, H. Ed (2016-2018)
Jacque Van Houten, K-12 (2014-2016)
ACTFL Members:
Silvia Peart, Research SIG Member, H. Ed
Eileen Glisan, H. Ed
Anne Nerenz, E. Ed
Elvira Swender, ACTFL Staff


Committee charge: This committee will be devoted to helping ACTFL members grow professionally, PK-16.  This will include all aspects “growing the organization” in terms of professional development including webinars and the expanded ACTFL convention as well as initiatives that will develop leaders in the language field.  There will also be an effort to move ACTFL beyond just the language field into the larger education field by collaborating across disciplines and with other educational associations.  This group will monitor the CAEP work, the AOD agenda, as well as the development of ACTFL’s position statements.

ACTFL Board Members:
Lynette Fujimori, Chair, K-12 (2015-2017)
Lori Winne, K-12 (2014-2016)
Erin Kearney, H. Ed (2016-2018)
Desa Dawson, K-12 (2016-2018)
ACTFL Members:
Anne Hlas, H. Ed
Terry Osborn, H. Ed
Karen Carmean, K-12
Todd Bowen, LILL
Paul Sandrock, ACTFL Staff