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Past Presidents

Throughout its history, ACTFL has benefited from the outstanding and unselfish leadership of the top professionals in language education. This list of ACTFL Past Presidents is truly a Hall of Fame of the outstanding teachers and administrators who have made this organization a dynamic, respected voice for languages. Their vision and dedication should be an inspiration for all those who will follow in their footsteps.

Pete Swanson 2016
Jacque Bott Van Houten 2015
Mary Lynn Redmond 2014
Toni Theisen 2013
David McAlpine 2012
Barbara Mondloch 2011
Eileen Glisan 2010
Janine Erickson 2009
Ray T. Clifford 2008
Rita A. Oleksak 2007
Paul Sandrock 2006
Audrey L. Heining-Boynton 2005
Thomas Keith Cothrun 2004
Martha G. Abbott 2003
Christine L. Brown 2002
June K. Phillips 2001
Paul A. Garcia 2000
Emily Spinelli 1999
Elizabeth Hoffman 1998
Ann Tollefson 1997
Valorie S. Babb 1996
Kathleen M. Riordan 1995
Robert M. Terry 1994
Ray T. Clifford 1993
Gerard L. Ervin 1992
Lynn Sandstedt 1991
Diane Birckbichler 1990
Robert Ludwig 1989
Toby Tamarkin 1988
Jacqueline Benevento 1987
Alice C. Omaggio-Hadley 1986
William N. Hatfield 1985
Helene Zimmer-Loew 1984
Robert Gilman 1983
Charles R. Hancock 1982
Thomas H. Geno 1981
Dale L. Lange 1980
Jane Bourque 1979
Lorraine A. Strasheim 1978
Howard B. Altman 1977
Helen Warriner-Burke 1976
Frank M. Grittner 1975
Carl Dellacio 1974
Jermaine D. Arendt 1973
Gail Hutchinson Eubanks 1972
Lowell Dunham 1971
Lester McKim 1970
Leo Benardo 1969
Emma-Marie Birkmaier 1968