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Edwin Cudecki Award

The ACTFL Edwin Cudecki Award for Support for Language Education

The Edwin Cudecki Award recognizes both a person and a phenomenon. Edwin Cudecki's active professional life was characterized by the promotion of stronger ties between foreign language education and the constituencies from which it draws its support and which it serves. As Director of Foreign Languages for the Chicago Public Schools, he devoted his life to fostering collaboration and building a strong foundation for the support of foreign language education, both locally and nationally.

The ACTFL Edwin Cudecki International Business Award was established in 1987 to recognize individuals who have developed ties between international business, language education, and international studies with the support of the Illinois Foreign Language Teachers Association (IFLTA), the International Business Council MidAmerica (IBCM), and the Illinois Ethnic Consultation (IEC).

In 2005, the ACTFL Board of Directors voted to change the name of the award in order to broaden the scope of possible recipients.  It was decided that the annual recipient of this award would be decided by the ACTFL Board of Directors.

Previous Recipients

2019: Senator Richard G. Lugar (posthumous), Former U.S. Senator from Indiana; 2018: Senator Howard Stephenson, Utah's 11th District; 2017: David E. Price, U.S. Representative, North Carolina's 4th Congressional District; 2016: David L. Boren; 2015: Jon Huntsman; 2014: Angela Jackson, Global Language Project; 2013: & Foundation; 2012: Governor Jack Markell, Delaware; 2011: Congressman Jared Polis, Colorado; 2010: Congressman Rush Holt, New Jersey; 2009: No award given; 2008: John Brademas, John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress, New York, NY; 2007: Tony Plana, Actor, Director, and Producer, Los Angeles, CA; 2006: Charles Kolb, Committee for Economic Development, Washington, DC; 2005: James Rogers, Beeland Interests, Inc., NY; 2004: Robert Hitt, BMW Manufacturing, Greer, SC; 2003: No award; 2002: Claus Halle, The Halle Foundation, Atlanta, GA; 2001: Stephen S. Melsheimer, Clemson University, Clemson, S.C.; 2000: Norman Burkart, Language Link, Kansas City, MO; 1999: Eric W. Dehmel, TRW Automotive, Aschaffenberg, Germany; 1998: Ralph Pohlmeier, President, Educational Media, Edmond, OK; 1996: Gerhard Besserer, Senior Correspondent and U.S. Representative, Deutsche Welle, Arlington, VA; 1994: Jeffrey J. Munks, Director of Marketing and Sales, AT&T Language Line Services, Monterey, CA; 1993: Richard Lambert, National Foreign Language Center, Washington, DC; Stephen A. Cobb, Partner, Waller Lansden Dortch and Davis, Nashville, TN; 1991: Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut; 1990: Paul R. Foerster, South Carolina State Development Board; 1989: Lieutenant Governor George H. Ryan of Illinois; 1988: Charles A. Garcia, Arthur Young & Company, Hartford, CT.