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Donald Anderson
Robert Austin
John Barthel
Amalia Biester
Dorothy Bishop
Richard Boswell
Laurel Briscoe
Louise Carlson
Marianne Ciotti
Joan Ciruti
Mary Colin
Joseph Connell
John Defrancis
Georges Desrosiers
Guy Di Stepano
R Douglass
Marilyn Eisenhardt
Edward Fichtner
James Ford
Philip Fulvi
Francoise Gebhart
Wilma Hoffmann
Dolores Hudson
James Jacobs
Valentin Kamenew
Thomas Kelly
Joseph Kennedy
Sumako Kimizuka
Arthur Kimmel
Max Kirch
Marlise Konort
Astrid Kromayer
Judith Laurie
Bernard Lebeau
Victor Leeber
Patricia Manfredi
Robert McGlynn
Marcia Miller
Marlin Mittag
Karen Montgomery
J Moore
Leroy Oberlander
Elaine Potoker
Dorothea Rahn
Charles Richardson
Rose Rose
Frances Schering
Richard Seymour
Grace Skelley
Gabriele Stiven
Anna Taussig
Esther Tillman
Winfred Wright
Carrie May Zintl

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