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Use Key Online Sources to Stay Informed and In Touch with Legislators

TIP: You don’t always have to visit Capitol Hill or your statehouse to learn about the latest legislation related to language education; some actions you can take right from your desktop. One website offering good information about Congress and advocacy is At this site, visitors can find lawmakers by zip code and link to their pages, contact them, and find out more about their legislative priorities. The websites and also offer quick access to national legislators. Another helpful site for this purpose is the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee webpage at There, you can find out if any of your senators are members of this very important committee, click on their names, and find out what they say are the issues which matter most to them and whether or not they have any official statements about language education. This information can help you in future communication with them. Educators may also want to consider doing this exercise with your students—particularly during Discover Languages Month in February—as a way to get them personally involved with advocacy for language education.