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State Legislative Sessions Convene in January—Now What Do I Do?

TIP: On a weekly or bi-weekly basis visit the state government’s website and scan the education bills originating in both the state senate and the state house. Look for bills that language educators can support. For example, there may be a bill to encourage expanded parental involvement in the decision-making process regarding schools’ academic programs. Language educators may support this type of bill because we know that the seeds for long-sequence language programs and programs to include additional languages often come from parents. Also, look for bills in which the teaching of languages can be included in the bill’s language. For example, there may be legislation on financial incentives to attract teachers in high-need content areas. Collaborate with the bill’s sponsor as well as your own legislators to include mention of world languages in the bill. Your state language association will welcome your volunteering to scan regularly the state government’s website for bills that can strengthen language education.