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August 2008

Web Watch

Language Crosswords

The crossword puzzles on this site have clues in one language and are solved by using the words in another language. Puzzles can be selected by the languages to translate from and to, and include French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish. There are simple and advanced puzzles available in categories such as colors and clothing; days and months; numbers, time and weather; animals; and basic verbs.

A Library for the World’s Children

The International Children’s Digital Library’s mission is to excite and inspire the world’s children to become members of the global community and to understand the value of tolerance and respect for diverse cultures, languages, and ideas. The library offers searches by locations that include North and Central America, South America, Asia and the Middle East, Oceania, Europe, and Africa.

Database of Idiomatic Expressions

This site says it gives you 1,000 images on the tip of your tongue. The database includes idiomatic expressions in Spanish, French, and English.

Classics Technology Center

Part of the AbleOne Education network, this site includes a Latin-to- English dictionary, resources for Latin teachers, and teaching materials for teaching about classics such as Oedipus the King, the Iliad, and the Odyssey.

Japanese Dictionary and Lessons

The Rikai site has flashcards, a phrase of the day, Kanji of the day, a Kanji map, and a Japanese dictionary.

Chatboards for Language Teachers

The Teachers.Net Mentor Support Center is a system of chatboards for teachers. There are specific chatboards for ASL, ESL/EFL, French, German, and Spanish. Users can also subscribe to an e-mail ring and receive new posts via e-mail. On the site, scroll down to Language Center. Clicking on your language will take you to the most recent 25 posts. There is also a chatboard on travel/study abroad.

German History Source

An initiative of the German Historical Institute in Washington, DC, German History in Documents and Images (GHDI) is a collection of source materials documenting Germany’s history from 1500 to the present. The original German texts are accompanied by English translations.

Computer Vocabulary in Spanish

Featuring computer vocabulary in Spanish, this site gives an educational tour of computer parts along with the Spanish lesson.

Chinese Flash Cards

The A is for Love site is a set of flash cards for learning Chinese. Click on the face card, which shows a Chinese word, and the card will flip over giving the pronunciation and the meaning of the word.

Arabic Grammar Rules

“A Hundred and One Rules!” is a short reference for beginning and intermediate students of Arabic that was created by Mohammed Jiyad, a professor at Mount Holyoke College.

Italian Culture on the Net

The ICon site is a source for Italian culture and language and is sponsored by a number of Italian universities. Its content includes stories, music, a dictionary, and an encyclopedia.

African Voices

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History’s site African Voices features Africans talking about their lives and their cultures through selections from contemporary literature, interviews, proverbs, folk tales, prayers, songs, and oral epics.

Czech Language Resource

The Local Lingo site includes Czech pronunciation with audio, Czech phrases and vocabulary, grammar basics, and language exercises and tests. There is also a message board for Czech language learners and native speakers.

Native Word of the Day

Native American Live Stream Channels have a native word of the day—along with the English translation—in languages that include Aleut, Athabascan, Inupiaq, Jicarilla Apache, Navajo, Ojibway, Potawatomi, Tlingit, Tsimpsean, and Yupik.

French Songs

ABC de la Chanson Francophone has thousands of songs in French, with artists that range from Céline Dion to Edith Piaf.

Online Classroom Magazine

“Inspiration Lane” is an online classroom magazine for all levels of ESOL, ESL, and EFL classes, but the site can be translated into different languages using the flags at the top of the home page, and the content changes daily.