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SpeakMandarin Scholarship

Speak Mandarin is an online Mandarin tutoring company based in San Diego and Beijing. Utilizing the latest in Internet technologies and pedagogical approaches, offers live online, one-on-one Mandarin Chinese training with native-speaking certified teachers to learners worldwide.'s K-Adult programs are fully accredited by the Accrediting Commiission for Schools, Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC). Speak Mandarin will provide two scholarships for ACTFL members with 90 online live Chinese lessons within six weeks.

Obtain one recommendation, from a colleague or an administrator, an individual that is well acquainted with you and understand your desire for this study opportunity and your plans to share your experience with others. The completed recommendation form can be summited online.

Selection criteria will include:

  • Current ACTFL Member
  • Evidence of need/desire for study (scholarships are open to all levels of learners including students, teachers and retired members with no past Mandarin experience)
  • Clarity and specificity of the statement of purpose
  • Likely impact on self, students and colleagues
  • Strength of recommendation

It is expected that the winner will be selected by the end of April 2014.  Other applicants will be informed shortly thereafter.  Please do not call ACTFL Headquarters for the results of the competition.

ACTFL has the right to provide your name and contact information to the scholarship provider.

Application Form     Recommendation Form

The deadline for this award is March 31, 2015.

Questions? Contact Jocelyn Hofstede at 703-894-2900 Ext 108.

The programs described on this page are provided solely for the information of ACTFL members. These are not ACTFL programs, and they have not been subjected to any review or vetting by ACTFL. Their presence here does not constitute an endorsement by ACTFL. One can apply for multiple scholarships. Incomplete applications will not be considered.