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IMAC Spanish Language Programs Scholarship Application Form

Complete this online application and obtain one recommendation, from a colleague or an administrator.

Selection criteria will include:

  • Current ACTFL Member
  • Evidence of need/desire for study
  • Clarity and specificity of the statement of purpose
  • Appropriateness of the level of proficiency in spoken and written Spanish for the project
  • Likely impact on students and colleagues
  • Strength of recommendation

Finalists may also be interviewed on the telephone to ascertain their level of oral proficiency.

It is expected that the winner will be selected by the end of April 2015. Other applicants will be informed shortly thereafter. Please do not call ACTFL Headquarters for the results of the competition.

ACTFL has the right to provide your name and contact information to the scholarship provider.

(Use ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines -- Speaking found at: Please be aware you may be called on the phone to test your oral proficiency.)
Please write an essay in Spanish about why you wish to study in Mexico, what you believe you will gain from this experience, how you plan on sharing this with students and colleagues, and why the scholarship is important to you. Be as clear and specific as you can. Use a separate sheet if necessary. (Note: You should share the ideas expressed in this statement with those whom you ask to write recommendations.) Essays should range between 250-750 words.