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ACTFL Announces Phase III of the Research Priorities Project


The deadline for 2014 has passed.

The purpose of Phase III of the ACTFL Research Priorities Project is to support empirical research projects or dissertation studies on five priority areas that are currently critical to improving foreign language education:

  • Research Priority Area #1: Integration of Language, Culture, and Content
    • Immersion and other innovative programs
    • Heritage language programs
  • Research Priority Area #2: Foreign Language Teacher Development
    • Model teacher preparation programs
    • Mentoring
    • Preparing foreign language teachers for urban/rural settings
  • Research Priority Area #3: Classroom Discourse
    • Use of L1 vs. L2
    • Interactional practices
    • Dialogic inquiry
  • Research Priority Area #4: High-Performing Language Programs
    • Profiles of effective PK-16 teachers
    • Profiles of effective PK-16 classrooms
    • High-leverage pedagogical practices and/or assessment
  • Research Priority Area #5: Language Use in the Community
    • Service learning
    • Study abroad
ACTFL Research Priorities Projects - Phase II

What will happen next? The Research Priorities Task Force will review proposals and select projects. Applicants will be informed of the selections by July 1, 2014. Selected projects will receive modest funding from ACTFL and the National Federation of Modern Language Teachers Association (NFMLTA) to help defray some of the research costs.