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ACTFL Announces New Proficiency Assessments Summer Institute

CONTACT: Andrew Amadei
(914) 963-8830 Ext. 219

To address the ever-increasing professional development needs of the language education community, ACTFL has created the ACTFL Proficiency Assessments Summer Institute. This event will be hosted by Brigham Young University on June 17-20. Taking place in the heart of the beautiful BYU campus in Provo, Utah, ACTFL is offering an extensive array of workshop options. Participants will have the opportunity to register in one of ten available workshop sections:

  • The 4-day OPI Assessment Training Workshop (ARABIC, CHINESE, ENGLISH/mixed-languages, FRENCH, JAPANESE, RUSSIAN, SPANISH)
  • The 2-day MOPI (Modified OPI Assessment Training; ENGLISH/mixed-languages)
  • The 2-day WPT Rater Workshop (for certified OPI testers)
  • NEW! The OPI Advancement Training Workshop

Each of these workshops is a great first step toward OPI or WPT certification. Space is limited.

Learn more and register


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Wednesday, February 12, 2014