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Categories & Fees

Unless otherwise noted, all prices listed are for a period of one year. Only regular members may join for multiple years at a discount.  Student members must renew and provide proof of student status every year.  New teacher and retired members may join for multiple years by multiplying the dues amount by the number of years wishing to join.

All members receive full membership benefits unless otherwise noted.  All ACTFL memberships are for the individual listed and are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Individuals currently employed in foreign language education
Price: $79 (one year), $148 (two years), $210 (3 years)
New Teacher
Individuals currently employed within the first two (2) years of their first teaching contract for a maximum of two years
Price: $54
Individuals spending less than 50% of their total employment or less than 20-hours a week instructing or administering foreign languages
Price: $54
Student Membership
Individuals currently enrolled in a foreign language and/or teacher training degree program or state recognized teacher certification program
Student membership includes electronic access only to The Language Educator and Foreign Language Annals.
Price: $29
Retired Membership
Individuals who are fully retired from employment in foreign language education at the time of renewal and have maintained membership in ACTFL for at least seven (7) years prior
Price: $29


International fee
Required for all non-US, non-student member addresses.  Fee is per year for each year of membership.
Price: $40/year
Joint Membership Fee
Provides membership benefits for a second family member or domestic partner residing at the same home address as another ACTFL member.  Joint members receive one set of publications, but duplicates of all other member benefits.
Price: $29/year

Special Interest Groups
Individuals must be a member of ACTFL to join a Special Interest Group.  Each year long ACTFL membership comes with one free SIG. SIGs are priced for one year; individuals purchasing multi-year membership will need to multiple the price of the SIG by the number of years to join the SIG for the length of membership.  Members may join as many SIGs as they wish.
Price: First SIG is free; after that, $5/year/SIG

What Our Members Are Saying

The ACTFL Convention & World Languages Expo is unparalleled as far as the variety and richness of sessions and workshops. It’s exciting to see first-time attendees when they enter the exhibit hall and discover all the latest resources, technology, and advocacy that is available to them. Once you attend the annual convention, you’ll be hooked and want to return year after year.

Ken Stewart, Chapel Hill High School