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Engage Local Press to Publicize Your Advocacy Efforts

TIP: Whenever you do anything special in or beyond your classroom that demonstrates your students’ language learning, be sure to get the word out to newspapers and media in both your school and local community. If you work in a university or other institution which has an Office of Public Affairs, try to make a personal contact there. Learn to write a simple press release for anything noteworthy going on in your department and get it to your contact a week before the event so they can choose to send a reporter and/or photographer if appropriate.

You can find tips on writing a release at You should also try to reach out to local newspapers and television stations in your city or region and send them press releases as well. Don’t assume they are not interested in your “little” school events or accomplishments. Instead, present your event in context of how necessary the acquisition of language skills is for the global competitiveness of the next generation. You can also let the local media know that you can serve as an expert if they have any future stories concerning language education and you may want to provide them with a list of colleagues (with their permission) who teach different languages at different levels, all of whom are willing to be interviewed.