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Educate Other Decision-Makers in Your Community About the Benefits of Language Learning

TIP: Another way to spread the word about the importance of language education and to highlight the great work you are doing is to get on the agenda for local board meetings, local PTA meetings, or board of trustee meetings at the postsecondary level. If you secure an opportunity to give a presentation at any of these events, be sure to discuss the cognitive benefits of language learning and how learning a second language can lead to an increase in overall achievement in students. Another important point to discuss is the competitive edge that speaking a second language will give students as they enter the workforce. [Note: You can find this research online at] Show clips of your students speaking the language, or invite your students to do a skit, sample class, or some other demonstration that will showcase their language skills. Make sure that at some point in your presentation, you explain the ways in which your program aligns with local, state, and national guidelines. Above all, be aware of your audience, try to gauge their awareness of language learning and then customize your presentation to further enhance their knowledge of the benefits of language education.