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Create a Pool of Language Professionals Willing to Testify

TIP: Before or soon after state legislative sessions convene, state language associations may wish to invite their members to be a part of a pool of language professionals who are willing to testify in support of language learning programs and funding; on the benefits of learning a second language to an individual, the community, the economy, and the nation; and on what makes a high-quality language program successful.

Even though most bills are scheduled in advance, bills can also be scheduled on short notice. It is much easier to ensure that someone will be available to testify on any relevant legislation if there are a number of language educators who have already agreed to offer testimony for languages. It is paramount that the state language association’s advocacy leaders help provide the outline of a statement the language professional can make, as well as offer ongoing support for this individual leading up to the testimony before the committee. The presence of additional colleagues is always welcome.