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Career Coaching Workshops

Attention: Job Seekers

Are you ready to land your dream job? On Saturday, November 23, certified, award-winning career coach Farnaz Namin-Hedayati will lead three 45-minute workshops to help guide ACTFL Convention attendees through the job search process. Each mini-workshop will focus on a key component of a successful job search and will include a topic overview, practical advice and a Q&A. Participants will discuss the challenges and opportunities unique to teaching languages, the employment landscape within the profession, credentialing, and professional development planning. Come to one, two, or all three workshops for useful insights and networking opportunities!

The Job Application Journey

Focuses on resume writing for language teachers and professionals, and will address different resume strategies, styles, formatting, what to include/exclude, and how to write a noticeable cover letter.

The Search

Examines how to conduct an effective job search including the best places to look, skills assessment, the “W”s of job searching, and a development plan.

How to Wow Them at the Interview

Centers on interviewing—getting past the phone screen, answering difficult questions, how to “ask to succeed”, improving your image, and salary negotiation.

Between workshops, Farnaz will be available throughout the day to answer questions one-on-one, provide mini-critiques of resumes, help job seekers prepare for interviews, and recommend additional resources and tools. Bring your resume and your questions!

Farnaz Namin-Hedayati, Ph.D.
Doctor of Corporate Psychology