ACTFL "Studying a lang in college is very beneficial to a person in their career" t.co/VAzMnUCaIP via @utashorthorn #langchat #flteach
ACTFL Students can have the opportunity to improve their fluency in a lang over dinner @YaleDailyNewst.co/NfRVtdHQMA #langchat #flteach
ACTFL ACTFL's ED Marty Abbott on why so few Americans learn a 2nd language: t.co/sBfIoiJEum #flteach #langchat #raisingglobalchildren @nhpr

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Alexandria, VA — The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) has been honored with a Silver Award in Convention Promotion Package category in Association TRENDS’ 2013 All-Media Contest. It was one of nearly 470 entries in the association publications contest.