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Criteria for Nominations — President-Elect and Board Positions

Have a Say in the Future of Your Professional Organization: VOTE!

Voting in the ACTFL Election allows you to influence the course the organization takes now and into the future. The Board of Directors represents your interests as a language educator; your vote sends a powerful message to those who wish to lead ACTFL going forward.

Your right to vote in the ACTFL Election is not taken lightly. This is why we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to simplify the process and make it more accessible to the entire membership.

Regardless of language or level, we need your voice. Exercise your right to vote and demonstrate your support for the language education community!

ACTFL has partnered with Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) to administer the 2015 election. To assure your election specific broadcast email arrives safely in your inbox on October 1, 2015, simply add the following email address as an approved sender:

Any member organization of ACTFL may suggest nominees for the Board. Nominations are typically accepted in the Spring. Each potential nominee must be supported by a letter of endorsement from the governing body of a member organization. The position for which the nominee is proposed must be specified.

I. The ACTFL President shall name the members of the Nominating Committee at least two months prior to the commencement of the work of the Committee for the year.

II. The Nominating Committee shall:

  1. Select the candidates for each office from nominations submitted to it by the membership and through the active recruitment of persons qualified to run for these offices, based on the following qualifications:
  1. membership in ACTFL
  2. background and suitability of the individual for the position
  3. for President-Elect, whether the nominee has served on the ACTFL Board of Directors or in another leadership capacity within ACTFL or an affiliated organizational member.
  1. Seek balance and fairness of representation. Such factors as the following must be considered:
  1. geographical area
  2. language(s)
  3. race
  4. gender
  5. professional contributions
  6. level(s) of instruction

Perfect balance and fairness in all factors may be difficult to achieve at a given time. Therefore, it may be necessary to provide this broad range of representation by a rotation process.

  1. Nominate at least two persons for each office.
  1. Convene at the time of the Annual Meeting and during the spring, as necessary.

III. The Board and Executive Director shall:

  1. Inform the ACTFL membership, both individuals and member organizations, as well as the delegates to the ACTFL Assembly, of the schedules for the nomination and election of the President-Elect and Board members
  1. Schedule a meeting of the Nominating Committee at the Annual Meeting;
  1. Provide a job description for each position;
  1. Inform all nominees selected by the Nominating Committee to stand for election of the responsibilities they will assume if elected;
  1. Assist the Nominating Committee in meeting deadlines.

IV. Nominations

  1. Any member organization of ACTFL may suggest nominees.
  1. Each potential nominee must be supported by a letter of endorsement from the governing body of a member organization. The position for which the nominee is proposed must be specified.
  1. Each candidate’s credentials must also be submitted. Credentials include:
  1. a brief, current curriculum vitae certified as accurate by the candidate;
  2. a statement of the candidate’s willingness to be nominated and to serve if elected;
  3. a recent photograph submitted electronically will be requested of the candidate for inclusion in the pre-election issue of The Language Educator or the ballot mailing.

Please Note: Salaried or otherwise compensated (stipends or honoraria) employees of regional associations, for-profit organizations and corporations are not eligible for nomination for an elected position on the ACTFL Board or for President-Elect.